The city of departure:

Primorsky Territory

Primorsky Krai is an unusually picturesque and unique place in the Russian Far East. Nature lovers will find many hills, the coast of the ice-free Sea of Japan, a fascinating underwater world, the unique Ussuri taiga, the mountain slopes of Sikhote-Alin, and nature reserves. Fans of extreme sports will enjoy river rafting, sailing, as well as convenient ski slopes.

Primorye occupies the most extreme part of southeast Russia, on land it borders on the Khabarovsk Territory, China and North Korea, and in the east and south it is washed by the Japanese Sea. Primorsky Krai, in addition to the mainland, includes numerous islands.

Among the diversity of ecotourism in Primorye, the most developed marine. These are sea cruises, outdoor activities on the coast and on the islands and, of course, diving. In addition, you can do adventure, sports and hunting, fishing.