The city of departure:

Primorsky Region Tour around the world " ON THE TIGER AND LEOPARD EARTH"

Unknown land in the east of Russia.

Ussuri taiga, coast of the warm Japanese Sea, the most northern tigers and leopards on the planet.

We invite you to a new Primorsky Region Tour around the world


Type of tour: Excursion - educational, tours to waterfalls, islands, stormy rivers, picturesque bays.

Duration: 11 days - 10 nights

Seasonality: May-September

Possible number of people: from 1 to 20 people

Modes of transport: bus; SUV; trekking

Accommodation: hotel Vladivostok 2-3 *, camping in the Petrov Island, hotel in Terney; Dalnegorsk, Recreation facilities along the route.

Main places: Four reserves: Lazovsky, Leopard Land National Park, Far Eastern Marine Reserve and Sikhote-Alinsky. Petrovskaya Deep Bay, Petrov’s reserved island, Severny Cape, Blagodatnoe Lake, (Amga Falls on the Amga River) "Black Shaman" Canyon "Devil's Mouth", a monument to V.K. Arsenyev and Dersu Uzala.

Distance along the route - approximately 2600 km

A jeep tour with one-day trekking routes crosses all of Primorye from south to north. You will visit the highest peaks of Sikhote-Alin, see fantastic natural rocks , go down into the canyon to the Black Shaman Falls, and plunge into the atmosphere of the Japanese Sea. A diverse, interesting and challenging route. The route involves visiting the main natural monuments of the Primorsky Territory: Lazovsky Reserve, National Park "Leopard Land" and "Call of the Tiger", Maral farms, Sikhote-Alinsky Reserve.

Tours for people with an average level of fitness. It does not  spend the night in tents (if desired, the tour participant will be able to accommodate themselves in their own tents).

  Routes are light - you do not need to carry a heavy backpack.


Day 1 07/06/20, 08/03/20, 09/07/20

09.00 - Meeting with tourists in Vladivostok at the company office (city center). Acquaintance, briefing. Sightseeing tour of Vladivostok.

In one place there are two stations - railway and sea. Going to the Central Square of Vladivostok, the oldest street Svetlanskaya, the most beautiful buildings of more than 100 years of history: GUM, railway station, the Pushkin Theater. A visit to the legendary submarine C56, two cable-stayed bridges of Vladivostok (Golden and Russian) are a real decoration of the city, the structures hovering over the bay, which give it a unique and recognizable look.

14.00 - 15.00 Lunch (by yourself). Excursion to the museum (optional).After lunch, free time. You can choose an additional tour, take a walk along the Sports Embankment, Chinatown.

19.00 Dinner (by yourself), rest.

Day 2 07/07/20, 08/04/20, 09/08/20

06.30 - early breakfast; meeting with a guide, the trip to Khasansky district. On the way there is a sanitary stop in the Barabash township. Arrival in the Far Eastern Marine Reserve. The total travel time is 3.5-4 hours. Excursion "Garden of stones and islets" along the ecological trail in Orlinaya Bay. The route offers a magnificent panorama of the bays of Japanese Sea.

You will find majestic densely flowered pine trees, drooping lilies, Rhododendron-Schlippenbach. Check in at a recreation center on the Gamow demi-island. An excursion with a visit to the bay of Telyakovsky and the Island of Languishing Heart. From any point of the demi-island you can see the Gamov Mountain, better known as Tumannaya. Five ranges extend from the top of the mountain in different directions, giving the demi-island when viewed from above, a starfish shape. You will also see one of the picturesque places of the Khasansky district - Telyakovsky  Bay and the island of "Languishing heart”. It is here that there is a natural sea bath with a stone boulder in the shape of a heart, to which the island owes its name. During a storm a boulder makes sounds like a heartbeat. Dinner at the Recreation center. Free time.

Day 3 07/08/20, 08/05/20, 09/09/20

08.30 - breakfast at the recreation center. Walking tour to Cape Sosnovy, Cormorant kekury. The length of the route is 3 km, we observe the rookery of seals, bird nests. Departure to the village of Barabash. Check into a at the Ecocenter hotel of the open park “Leopard Land”. Watching a documentary film, made up from recordings with photo traps, about the leashes of a wild forest cat - the Red Book`s Far Eastern leopard. Dinner, free time, relaxation.

Day 4 09/07/20, 08/06/20, 09/10/20

07.00 - early breakfast; trip to Kavalerovo. On the way we make memorable photos in Arseniev at the monument V.K. Arsenyev and Dersu Uzala, a sanitary stop in the Ivanovka township, we have lunch in a cafe (the cost of lunch is approximately 300-350 rubles). Estimated travel time is 8 hours. Arrival in Kavalerovo, excursion to the artificial waterfall in Khrustalnensky GOK. Hotel accommodation. Dinner (by yourself). Relaxation.

Day 5 07/10/20, 08/07/20, 09/11/20

07.30 - breakfast at the hotel.  Trip to Dalnegorsk, excursion to the "Museum of Stone" Exhibition Complex. Moving to the Terney township. On the way we stop at Brinner lighthouse, the picturesque bay of Two Brothers. Lunch in  Plastun township. Arrival at the cordon. Excursion to Cape Severny and Lake Blagodatnoe. Accommodation at the hotel inTerney. Dinner (by yourself). Relaxation.

Day 6 07/11/20, 08/08/20, 12/09/20

Early breakfast. Trip to the largest waterfall of Primorye “Black Shaman”. Lunch on the route. Arrival at the Recreation center "Dukhovskie ozera", check into a rooms. Dinner.

Day 7 07/12/20, 09/09/20, 09/13/20

Breakfast. A short walk along the Dukhovskie lakes - one of the best places in Northern Primorye, located in  Sikhote-Alin island. These places were developed by people a few millennium ago, where the ancestors of the Udege people, the indigenous people of Primorye, fished and hunted there. Trip to the Zerkalnaya township Kavalerovsky district. On the way lunch in the Plastun township in Dalnegorsk . Arrival and accommodation at the recreation center "Zerkalnaya". Walks on the Dubovaya Bay, Yaponka Bay.

If you wish, you can rent a bicycle, catamaran, visit the gym, sauna (paid separately).

Day 8 07/13/20, 08/10/20, 09/14/20

Breakfast at the recreation center. Going to the Olginsky district  Gornovodnoye township.  At time of travel stop at a health resort. Lunch (paid independently) Drink mineral water. After a short rest, go to Petrov Bay. Arrival at the campsite. Accommodation Dinner. Relaxation.

Day 9 07/14/20, 08/11/20, 09/15/20

Breakfast at the campsite. Excursion to the reserved, paradise and mysterious Petrov island, whose ecosystem has no analogues in the world. The flora and fauna of the island is beautiful and unique.

Dinner. After lunch, excursion to the dragon park. You inadvertently think of legends, Atlanteans, aliens and other mystical things.

Return to the recreation center. Relaxation. Seafood gala dinner. Tales by the fire. Watching videos from the campaign, as well as films about the flora and fauna of Primorye.

Day 10 07.15.20, 08.08.20, 09.16.20

Breakfast at the campsite. Excursion to Elamovsky Falls, return to Vladivostok. On the way (optional) visit the deer farm. Full contact with individual families of red deer, feeding babies from a bottle. Lunch at the farm (optional) or a snack from your own supplies.

Arrival in Vladivostok 22.00-23.00 hours

Day 11 07.16.20, 08.13.20, 09.17.20

Breakfast at the hotel. Check Out from rooms.

Included in the price:

• transport service on the route;

• auto transfer Vladivostok-Terney;

• accommodation in a hotel in Vladivostok (Surcharge for single accommodation 1200 rubles / person);

• accommodation in a hotel in the Terney township;

• accommodation at recreation centers along the route - double (single occupancy, subject to availability);

• meals according to the program;

• excursions in Vladivostok and protected areas; entry tickets;

• guide services;

• insurance.

Price does not include:

• single occupancy;

• air/train tickets to Vladivostok and back;

• transfer airport, train station-hotel-airport, train station.


The tour will be held with a group of 5 people.