The city of departure:

Acquaintance with Vladivostok / 3 days

We invite you to visit Vladivostok

You will get acquainted with the history of the founding of the city, you can enjoy the views of the city, visit museums, walk along the old streets of Vladivostok.


First day:

09-30 –10-00 –Arrival.

10-00 –11-30 – Breakfast, accommodation.

13-30 –The beginning of the excursion program.

A sightseeing tour of the city with a visit to the funicular, a viewing platform, the Art Museum of Antiquity, visit to the Church, Tsesarevich embankment.

15-30 –Walking tour through the railway center to the Ship Embankment -Excursion to the legendary submarine monument C-56.

17-30 – Finishing of the excursion (optional for an additional fee - Evening Vladivostok  Lights from 21- 00), free time.

Second day:

08-30 - 09-00 –Breakfast.

09-00 - 10-00 –Transfer to Russian island.

10-00 - 17-00 –Excursions in the forts of Vladivostok, fort No. 9, No. 10, caponiers,  982 and the Grand-ducal military  battery (Having a snack during the tour on forts).

17-00 –Boarding in the bus return to Vladivostok.

19-00 –Arrival in the city. Free time.

Third day:

09-30 - 10-30 –Breakfast, check out.

10-30– Boarding the bus, excursion to the museum "Vladivostok Fortress".

12-30 –Excursion to the Avtomotostarina's museum.


* Cost per group is calculated individually