The city of departure:

Acquaintance with Vladivostok / 4 days

We invite you to visit Vladivostok

You will get acquainted with the history of the founding of the city, you can enjoy the views of the city, visit museums, walk along the old streets of Vladivostok.


Tour program

First day:

09-30 – Arrival, meeting guests. It is possible to order a transfer for an additional fee (cost 1200 rubles).

10-00 – 10-30 - Breakfast.

11- 00–The beginning of the excursion program. Sightseeing tour of the city:  visit to the funicular, a viewing platform, the Church and Tsesarevich embankment.

13-30 – Walking along the Ship Embankment - Excursion to the legendary submarine C-56, Tsesarevich NikolayTriumphal Arch, a Monument to the Pioneers. For more than 40 years, the famous submarine S-56 has been a museum, and the interior has been recondition to exposition. In the stern of the boat, the mechanisms are dismantled and an exposition dedicated to the submarine forces of the Pacific Fleet is located. The central and bow compartments of the submarine retained their appearance unchanged, and in the first compartment you can even see the torpedo ammunition. The exposition also includes the model of the first combat submarine "Dolphin", which took part in the Russian-Japanese war at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The museum presents not only archival documents and models, but also the personal belongings of the S-56 crew and its commander.

15-00 – The excursion is over (optional, for an additional fee - Evening Vladivostok  Lights excursion from 21.00).

Second day:

09-00– Meeting with the guide.

09-00 – 10-00 - Transfer to Russian Island.

10-00 – 16-00 - Excursions in the forts of Vladivostok: during the tour, the group will visit the Grand-ducal military  battery, Fort No. 12, Novosiltsev Battery, Pospelovsky Fort (lunch box with you). You will touch the Vladivostok Fortress and be surprised at the military technology of the late 19th century. More than 130 years ago Vladivostok was one of the most technologically advanced and impregnable fortresses in the world.

16-00 –Return to Vladivostok.

17-00 – Arrival in the city.

Third  day:

09-00 –Meeting with the guide, trip to the Safari Park.

11-00 –Excursion to Safari - a park with a visit to the Tiger park, Leopard park, Bear park and  Ungulate park.

Safari Park is located in the Shkotovsky district, 5 km from the village of Shkotovo settlement. Wild animals walk freely in the forest area. Everything is as in nature, without bars! You can take pictures with animals, as well as feed and pet tame animals, as well as take pictures with animals. More than a dozen ungulates affected by poachers found a second home here, bringing joy to their guests from all over Primorye with their beauty and grace. The main objectives of the Park: helping problem animals, their beautiful demonstrate to visitors and environmental education. Lunch at a cafe in Safari Park at an additional cost.

13-00 – Boarding the bus.

15-00 – Arrival in the city.

Fourth day:

09-00 –Meeting with the guide.

10-30–Excursion to the museum "Vladivostok Fortress". The street exposition of the Museum of the Vladivostok Fortress includes: artillery and anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes, missile systems, ground mines, machine guns and mortars, shooting parapet, memorial steles and a flagpole of the complex. In the exhibition halls of the museum a historical and local history exposition is presented, including artifacts from the medieval period of the development of the Primorsky Territory to the present.

We offer for an additional fee the excursion “Lights of the evening Vladivostok” (from 950 rubles / person from 10 people).

12-30 – Excursion to the museum of cars and moto - antiquity.


15 300 rubles / person (hotel accommodation is not included in the tour price).

26 900 rubles / person (the price includes accommodation in a 3 * hotel with breakfast).

Supplement for single occupancy 2800 rubles per person.

The tour price includes:

  • Breakfast on the first day.
  • Transport throughout the tour.
  • Guide-translator services.
  • Entrance tickets to visit objects according to the program.

Additionally paid:

  • Airplane and train tickets  to Vladivostok.
  • Nutrition.
  • Personal expenses.


Accommodation is offered: 3 * Equator Hotels, Amur Bay, Pearl (Order at least 7 days before arrival).

ADDITIONALLY on any day: Depending on weather conditions, excursions on a boat “Sea Walk” are offered (from 1500 rubles / person),

"Vladivostok and lighthouses" (from 2250 rubles / person)

Auto Museum - moto-antiquity. The museum has a unique collection of Soviet and foreign motor vehicles of the 20s-70s of the XX century, which includes more than fifty antique cars and motorcycles of various brands from many countries.