The city of departure:

3-day Hunting tour in Russia-Vladivostok

Hunting is not only a hobby, but also an ancient instinct recorded in the human genome. There are many folklore works related to this. From ancient times to now, people have improved their skills and gradually used more and more modern hunting techniques. Russia is a huge country with vast forests and fields and abundant wildlife resources. We can exactly say that Russia is one of the best places on the planet for hunting enthusiasts, and you can hunt deer, wild boar, elk, hare, fox, wild goat and birds all year round. We introduce you to a hunting trip in Vladivostok, Russia.

First day

  • Meeting guests at the Kraskino checkpoint.
  • Go to the Partizansky region and stay in a traditional Russian hunting house (the house is very comfortable: there is a fireplace, hot and cold water supply, toilet, TV, electric stove and washing machine).
  • Russian steam bath.
  • Dinner (Russian cuisine).

Second day

  • Breakfast.
  • Shooting range.
  • Go hunting. Can hunt wild boar, mule, northeast red deer. The price of catching animals: wild boar / mule-22 000 rubles (then next : 17 000 rubles). Northeast red deer-30 000 rubles (next-27 000 rubles).
  • SUV ride in the forest (own expense, 4 500 rubles per car).
  • Dinner (cooked prey). You can also do it yourself (3 500 rubles / one).

Third day

  • Breakfast.
  • Visit Vladivostok: climb to the observation deck to see the most famous Golden Horn Bay Bridge, take the exclusive in the Far East Funicular railway and visit the city center. Then go to see the lighthouse, railway station, central square, visit to the Primorsky Krai filiation Opera and Ballet Theatre, and go to Russian Island to see the oceanarium and military stronghold. There are jewelry shops, amber shops, international brand shops and cosmetics shops, as well as antique shops.
  • Lunch in the city center.
  • Stay at the "Lighthouse" tourist station.
  • Go to the casino "Tigre de Cristal". Gambling includes table games (American Roulette, Russian Poker, Baccarat, Black Jack and Sic Bo); more than two thousand slot-machines , sports bets and poker clubs.
  • Dinner.

Fourth day

  • Breakfast
  • Homecoming

Personal price 65 000 rubles